A few productive day in the sewing room

My last two Kat heads are finished.  So, two month’s into this BOM and I’m still up to date — miraculous!  LOL  I now have one design wall of Kat heads and the other design wall still has the Dog Pound Pals upon it (that BOM – not so up to date and actually way behind).

DSCN4239  When I went searching in the stash I found that fabric for the head on the left.  I absolutely love that one.  I love all the colors in it and even though it has some shades of green in it – I think it make a really cute Kat  I had just a big enough piece to cut out one cat.

After having pizza delivered for dinner, I was just going to do a little cleaning up in the sewing room but spied the jelly roll of fabric and had a pattern sitting out I’ve been wanting to make so decided to see if I could use the jelly roll for it and yes, it would work.  Pulled out my handy dandy Hex  N More ruler which I love (it can cut hexagons and half hexagons and the corresponding triangles that fit on a hexagon — all kinds of shapes with blunted edges to help line them up when piecing).  Anyway – I had the Tiny Dancer pattern and I have a fabric I want to try it with using larger blocks but decided to try a smaller version with the jelly roll to see how I like it.

DSCN4240 I think these blocks could be addictive — so super simple and no Y-seams since you piece them into  rows of half hexies   But enough already since I’ve been in the sewing room all day and night (it’s now Sunday a.m. – okay just barely but I’ve spent about hours sewing – need to go find a different chair to sit in.)


6 comments on “A few productive day in the sewing room

  1. I am not understanding how to do the bottom half of the cats head. I have downloaded both March and Aprils postings. Am I missing or not reading something correctly in the directions. Thank you for this fun project!

    • Ann – You’ll need to be more specific since I’m not sure what you mean by the bottom half of the head. There’s the ear section and then the head section and nothing I would call “the bottom half of the head”. If you’re stuck on what S&F means in the instructions to add the background squares to the bottom of the head – it stands for “stitch and flip” which is explained in the general instruction/yardage download. I’m just not sure what you’re stuck on so if you can give me more info I’ll see if I can help.

      • It was the head section that I was confused about. Now I think you have cleared it up. Thank you. I will post when I get my kittens started. I plan to use my scraps and will make a Mizzou Tiger for one of my cats.

  2. I love this tiny dancer, and of course the patch cats are wonderful. I’m still trying to decide if I want to do 9 patches or assorted blocks. Decisions, decisions…

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