Sunshiney Saturday

The sun is shining after about 3 or 4 nearly continuous days of rain.  Things are really greening up around here tho and now we just need some warmer temperatures.  It’s been a busy week here so I’m playing catch-up once again since I don’t think I turned the laptop at home on all week.

First my belated On the Needles report —

There is actually something OFF the needles – at least one part.

DSCN4211 The back of my CF Cardipalooza KAL sweater is done.   I just love this lace pattern.



Even though I started one of the fronts and ripped it back twice because I kept dropping out a yarn over in the lace pattern.  I think I’ve got myself back on the right track now.  The actual color of this yarn is what is in the lace pattern closeup – not bright blue like the sweater back photo.  I do like the Lotus Autumn Wind yarn and think it will make a great feeling spring/summer sweater with the blend it is, but it does have more knots in it than I would expect which is mildly irritating.

One of my purchases while I was on vacation (clicking the “add to cart” button at a few  shops) was a quilt kit.  I can’t remember the last time I bought a quilt kit –  many many many years ago and I think it may still be sitting in the closet.  It usually ends up there are fabrics I don’t like; the last one I put together they were missing two of the fabrics listed in the instructions and I think the one lingering in the closet has fabrics that if I had felt them in person, I never would have ordered since the quality just doesn’t seem to be there.  In any event, I had seen this quilt kit previously and wasn’t able to find just the pattern so when I found it on sale last week, I had to order it.  The fabrics are so bright and cheery and all those swimsuits just make me smile.

DSCN4216It’s Sanibel Quilt by Gina Martin.  I think it will be a fun project to stitch up.  My favorite fabrics in the packet are one with sunglasses printed on it, one with Adirondack chairs on it, and one that looks like the woven seats that old lawn chairs were made out of.    It will be a fun seasonal quilt to hang up.


Today – if I ever get busy and stop puttering on the computer and sipping coffee – I think I’ll get started finally on quilting the wedding quilt that I layered while on vacation.  I’ve also got a couple little projects to quilt — pieces that I cut from a panel that will be new little wallhangings for my office cubicle I think — the speak about the need to have cupcakes!  A must on some days – and will be really cute.


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  1. Hi Denise,
    That swimsuit pattern is so cute! I can see why you ordered it. I have had nothing but good luck with kits I have ordered online, so maybe your luck will change with this one. Have a great weekend!

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