Have I told you….

how much I love quilting on my Brother Nouvelle 1500S .  I ordered it just a little over a year ago but have had really sort of  limited time to quilt on it — too many other things going on.  But I’ve managed to get a couple more projects done on it lately and I still love it – which is a very good thing! 🙂


This wedding quilt is the largest one I’ve quilted on it so far and it’s just so amazing how much difference that extra harp room makes.

I decided rather than taking just the simple way out and meander quilting all over, I’m straight line quilting first all the framing pieces about 1/4″ inside the edges.  Lots of stopping and starting but I also do love the automatic thread cutter so I don’t have to keep pulling threads to the top to start or lift the quilt to cut underside threads.  I’m using light blue thread which looks really good against that taupey/gray colored fabric.    I’ve got all the vertical straight lines quilted so that is a good days work and my shoulders and arms are telling me that’s enough quilting for one day.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll start on the horizontal sections.  After that there will be free motion quilting within the blocks and I’ll switch to cream colored thread and meander the background fabric area.

Now to figure out just what delivery place will be bringing me dinner tonight since I never did have lunch nor did I have a plan for dinner.

Oh an the other thing I definitely love, the Rowenta DW5197 — no auto shutoff is stupendous and I love steam.  I don’t even set it on the highest steam setting because that would be too much steam.  Yes definitely in love with this iron.  Someone asked me if it’s heavy – I think all Rowenta irons are heavy but then I like them because of that fact.   So if you were looking for a light weight iron, this may not be the one for you.



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  1. Wow your quilts are always so pretty! Thanks for sharing about the Brother and Iron! Would u recommend the machine to use in a Little Gracie quilting frame too or just as a sit down. Just wondering because I am thinking of purchasing one…your professionalism and work is gorgeous!

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