Lunch break

Do you play little games or set goals for yourself as you are quilting along.  I do – LOL – keeps things interesting.  Like when lunch time is approaching, I’ll tell myself I won’t take a break until the bobbin thread runs out, or I finish a certain amount of quilting.   I have just finished lunch which I challenged myself not to take a break for until I finished quilting feathers in all the little full ovals on the quilt.  And at that point it would be time to take a little break and stretch and rests the wrists and shoulders a bit.

Many times I’ll get asked how I plan to quilt something or how I did quilt it — I generally don’t have much of a plan.  😉  On this one I knew I wanted to stitch feathers in the background ovals. That’s as far as my planning went.  but before doing that, I decided I needed to outline stitch all those sections. so I was able to do that somewhat continuously by stitching around the circular design four of those ovals made.

DSCN4203In the first photo I have sort of marked how I did it.  You can see that by stitching around all those circular areas, they overlap each other so all the oval areas end up being quilted along the edge.

The feathers in this quilt are nowhere near perfect – some of them are actually pretty hysterical.  I can’t make perfect feathers and always make feathers that are various sizes and lengths – I started in the middle of the oval making a figure 8 loop from edge to edge, then quilted a central line up to one oval tip and did my end loop there and worked my way adding feathers back to the center on one side, than the other and then repeated that for the lower half of the oval.  I tend to have to do the feathers in a particular order – if on the right side of the stem, I work from the bottom up / on the left side top down so with these I’m trying to become more “ambidextrous” of sorts being able to work top to bottom or bottom to top no matter where I’m at so needless to say, some of them are a bit unusually shaped or more on one side than the other.  All good fun and practice and when using cotton fabrics that haven’t been prewashed and cotton batting, once it’s washed and tossed in the dryer it will all pucker up a bit and you notice even less the imperfections in the feathers.  Feathers are such fun – even if they turn out wonky – if you haven’t tried them yet, give it a shot.

Here’s all the full ovals quilted before lunch time.

DSCN4204 Now I need to add the feathers to the half ovals that are along the edge of the quilt and as I’ve been staring at the quilt while eating my sandwich, I think I’ve come up with a plan to quilt the colored fabric sort of 4-patch areas — maybe….


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  1. Very helpful to me to read how you did this quilt. I want to learn how to do this and you’ve given me a little push!

  2. It’s funny that you should mention feathers. I just got out Sue Nickel’s book on feathers and was thinking of giving it a try. Now, with your encouragement, I just may go ahead and give it a shot! Your quilt looks beautiful!

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