A finish!

DSCN4207  Quilted and bound and done!  all in one day.  I took the border fabric that I had cut off it and cut it into binding and it almost looks like a stripe around the edge.  This one measures about 47″ x 36″.   It’s called Autumn Ripples Revisited.


My original Autumn Ripples quilt design which I did for this fabric line (Indian Summer by Hoffman California Fabrics) several years ago shown below had the blocks turned on point but in the one above (the revisited version) the blocks are set straight since I had a very limited amount of fabric (the sample headers – tho that may not be their technical name – but it is pieces of the fabric used to sell at market etc and they range in size from about fat quarter at the largest and go down in size so I had to be careful  not to waste much).

autumn-ripples-indian-summer-collection  It’s about time this one finally got finished since it’s been aging in the closet of tops waiting its turn to be quilted.




5 comments on “A finish!

  1. I’m not in one of my ‘quilting phases’, Denise, but I peek everyday to see what you’re up to. I love this version of your Autumn Ripples and amazed that you could finish it in a day. You’re so productive and creative.

  2. I have so many tops to quilt and just never seem to have the time, but you inspire me. Great job!

  3. Congratulations! A finish is a fantastic thing. I need to get some done as well. Maybe I’ll get one done tomorrow.

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