Design Wall Monday – March 30, 2015

It’s Monday! Okay I know that’s not big news to you but I’m on vacation this week so it seems like Sunday to me.

On one design wall – the pieces to PatchKats BOM border blocks

DSCN4158   On the other wall – the various pieces that are done for Dog Pound Pals and Knitter’s Gifts BOMs and a few little other odd blocks.

I need to find back my stack of dog pound pals and get the pieces for another block cut out so I can work on that this week.  But I’ve got more of those hearts to work on in the meantime.

I did finally decide on which yarn swatch I wanted to use for which sweater, so cast on my CustomFit Cardipalooza KAL sweater last night.


Good progress has been made on the back – with a lace panel in the center – and I did clean up the pile of yarn mess I had dumped out on the floor looking for my other sweater pieces.

Yarn is now all back in its proper places, knitting baskets have been reorganized, missing pattern page I needed has been located, and  there’s a bag of yarn – some that are left overs from projects or yarn I don’t like for one reason or another or projects I won’t finish – they’ve been culled from my stash.  Next I think I may go through the quilt top boxes – I know there are quilt tops that I don’t care for and will absolutely never get around to quilting – so all those goodies will head off to Good Will.  Time for a bit of a spring clean I think – even if the weather does not necessarily seem to be spring-like. 🙂



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  1. Just a thought…How about finding some of the newbie long-arm quilters in your area and see if they would like to practice on the unwanted tops with the stipulation that they donate to a local women shelter or home for kids when they are finished….or contact me and I would quilt then and give to a worthy charity.

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