PatchKats BOM

The March installment download is now available for download – click PatchKats quilt image in sidebar to get to project page.

Here’s what my finished Ribboned Heart blocks will look like.

DSCN4148 The colors aren’t quite true in the photo but pretty close.


DSCN4149And here’s all the rest of my border pieces.  There are lots of Stitch & Flip corners to add this month and my suggestion is to make sure to draw the diagonal lines on the back of those squares.  I sometimes get lazy and eyeball them instead of drawing the lines but they are never as accurate since when you stitch the diagonal lines, you really should be stitching a thread or so away from that diagonal line and not directly on it to account for the fabric taken up in the seam. It may seem like such a small amount  but it can really make a difference as to how your blocks turn out.

As you can see from my little piles of pieces, I have many seams to be pressing open before I go on to the next step so I’ll be heating up that iron soon.

My only challenge with these pieces – when I was working the other night I wasn’t paying close enough attention to my background fabric – it has a light dot print on it and I had to redo several pieces that I flipped the background wrong way around on.

Feel free to share photos of your fabric choices or blocks in progress for this project through the Justquiltin Flickr group.  The link to the Flickr group is also found in the sidebar of the blog.

3 comments on “PatchKats BOM

  1. Dear Denise,

    Thank you sew much for generously sharing your creativity. Your pattern is just purrrrrrfect!

    I have posted a link to your site here on my blog …

    and I have also added an image of your PatchCats BOM to my sidebar. I added a watermark with your name and blog address to the photo so as to give you proper credit.

    If you want me change anything or if this is not okay, just let me know and I will remove it immediately from my blog.

    Looking forward to sewing your pretty kitties … 🙂 Pat

    Have a Happy Quilty Day! … 🙂 Pat

    • It’s fine that you linked on your blog but your description is not correct so if you could fix that so I don’t have people whining at me please. Even if you subscribe to my blog, the steps will NOT be delivered to your inbox. They are on a separate project page and not part of a regular blog post so they must be retrieved each month from my blog. Also, if you could correct the name – which is very specific since it’s named after my friend – PatchKats – all one word.

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