Where have the last few days gone?

Well I know where – this cruddy cough / cold/ croup stuff has had me not doing much.  I was sick all weekend and worse on Mon and Tues so stayed home from work.  So much for being caught up on things before I took last Friday off.  Oh well  – it could be worse.

I did manage last weekend to get the rest of the quilting done on my Diamond Formation quilt and the binding is just waiting to be stitched down and the bottom of the hanging sleeve tacked down.  I need to get that finished off by the end of next week.

Other than that, I haven’t accomplished much.  My deep winter CustomFit KAL sweater did not get done by the end of the KAL but that’s okay.  I’m hoping that soon it would be to warm to wear it anyway – we’ve had some nice days but then temps drop again.  So it may  get set aside for a little while to work on something else because……

It’s CustomFit Cardipalooza time!   I’m thinking spring, I’m thinking cotton or at least cotton blend sweater, I’m thinking springy colored sweater rather than dark purple deep winter KAL sweater, I’m thinking three quarter length sleeves, I’m thinking crew neck, perhaps a bit of lace up the front or perhaps not… in other words, I’m thinking new sweater yarn is needed!  I’ve done so good only ordering for Loopy Academy so far but I really want a spring sweater so need to do some checking out of yarn.  There is an extra credit project you can do for Loopy Academy but I’m going to pass on that and concentrate on my sweater instead.

I do love Charlie’s Cardigan but I have some wooly yarn that I think I’ll use for that one at some point in the future.  So a bit of Ravelry searching is in order I think to decide what I might want to make.  Who knows – maybe I’ll even knit a pink sweater! Okay, the cold medicine has probably not made me go that crazy yet!  But maybe a pastel color….