Quilting quilting and more quilting

DSCN4144 It’s nearly 9 p.m. and I’ve been in the sewing room since about 9 a.m.!  I’ve been slowly quilting along on Diamond Formation.

My initial plan was to outline stitch the flying geese and do a bit of meandering where the figures are and the plain center fabric.  And after getting all that done, I decided that the background fabric on the flying geese should have a bit of stitch on them too so went back and filled in meandering around them.  The plain fabric around the very center flying geese has some stars quilted into them too.

Now I did get a break or two in there – finally ate some lunch about 2 p.m. and stuck one baking stone’s worth of cookies (about a dozen) in the oven and then realized I was out of powdered sugar to coat the cookies with when done so stuck the rest of the dough in the freezer.    All that is left to quilt is the final border which shouldn’t take long – but will wait until tomorrow.  Binding is cut and stitched together, it just needs to be pressed and I have to make a hanging sleeve yet (I hate making/adding hanging sleeves).

And that reminds me I brought home a wall hanging that had been hanging on the outside of a large cubicle wall at the office and was going to put it up in my living room.

DSCN3744I do love the fabrics in this one.  I had forgotten until I looked at it last night thinking dang I have to put a hanging sleeve on it, that Yes, I actually did plan ahead when I made that one and there is a hanging sleeve attached to it. So I was going to slide it on the hanging rod and decide which wall I wanted to put it up on but hmmm… although the hanging rod is sew on the top, no one stitched down the bottom edge.  Oops!  guess I’ll add that to my list  for one night this week to get that finished off.

Since lunch was at 2 p.m. that must be 9 p.m. is dinner time right?  I think a bowl of buttered popcorn and a swig off the cough medicine bottle – a well-rounded meal.

I’m hoping to bind off the neck edging on my vest tonight and start on the armhole edging.  I did finish off the second front of my purple sweater and cast on one of the sleeves.

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    • Yes I know, that’s why I bought the fabrics – because I love his artwork. I’ve got some from the second line of fabric using his artwork but haven’t decided what to do with it yet.

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