PatchKats BOM Starts March 21, 2015


General information and Yardage requirements for this BOM project are now available.  Click the PatchKats button in the right sidebar to get to the link to download this information.

March 21, 2015, which is National Quilting Day, will be the start date for this project.


You can see the original quilt drawing/coloring in the download information but I randomly plugged in other types of fabrics to give you some other ideas of how it might look in other fabrics.


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10 comments on “PatchKats BOM Starts March 21, 2015

    • Temptation is always good. I’m hoping that if I show different colorways people will get ideas for colors they would like to use and not just duplicate the colors I used. That’s what happened with the last mystery quilt – all except one I’ve seen pretty much were the same colors that I used, which of course were pretty but I think it’s way more fun to see one quilt done up in all different styles of fabrics.

    • Oh you clearly did not read my prior February post about leaving messages that say “I cannot find the link”. Have you looked at the right sidebar? Did you find the button for the Patchkats project (which has a photo of the Patchkats quilt on it? Did you click that button to find the download link? Just saying you can’t find the link to me means you haven’t done any of those things — try them, you should find the link.

  1. Denise … this pattern is sew sweet. I like all the colorways. Digging through my stash to find the right fabrics is going to be fun. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity so generously … 🙂 Pat

  2. This looks like fun. The way you show it in the different colorways is very nifty! Thanks!

  3. Cute cats. It would be interesting instead of having a nine-patch every time that different cats have different block patterns.

    • That is how the original quilt was drawn but I changed it to save some time. It was silly for me to have to write up that many different block instructions when each person can easily find appropriate blocks if they want to mix others in. If you look at the download file, the option is given to use different blocks and lists one of many sources where you could find blocks to fit into the design.

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