Second Pair of Striping Socks Finished

DSCN4113  Finished kitchnering the toe shut when I got home tonight so my second pair of socks is now finished and I can get both pairs off in the mail to Mom.  She’ll have warm toes soon.  But two pairs of socks in ten days is pretty darn speedy knitting for me. But the thicker yarn and larger needles helped speed that along compared to the yarn/needles I usually use.

This brings my yarn used tally up to 1886 yards so far this year.  You can see all the yarny projects finished so far this year by clicking the yarn stash button in the sidebar.  All small projects but I’ve got some big ones I hope to finish soon.

Now I can get back to my striping project for Loopy Academy, which is about half done, and the sweaters in various stages of completion, and my wiggle wrap.   I still have one more Loopy Academy project for this semester to do, a slip stitch project, but I’m undecided on yarn so haven’t ordered anything for it yet.  I’m planning on making  From Russia With Wool.  I’ve made several projects using this designer’s patterns and love each one of them.


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  1. These look great! I have just finished a pair and was just wondering how to ‘block’ them – what do you do?

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