Speedy Stripes

DSCN4104  Mom’s Striped Socks  were the speediest socks I’ve knit.  Too bad I don’t have more sport weight yarn for socks but then since I don’t wear socks that thick it wouldn’t do me any good anyway. 🙂  But boy were they a fast knit.  I was afraid I’d run out since I made the legs a bit longer than I usually do but no shortage of yarn.  Four days from cast on to finish.

And finish number two for 2015 and some yarn used to add to that stash knitting tally.

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    • I can’t direct you to a specific pattern because I really didn’t use one – I just looked on Ravelry to see the number of stitches sport weight uses as opposed to my normal fingering weight socks and just made a plain jane sort of sock which I don’t use a pattern for. They were speedy to make simply because of the thicker yarn versus my normal fingering weight socks. Do you use Ravelry? If you go to Ravelry.com, patterns, and then filter the pattern list choosing sport weight yarn (or whatever weight you want to use) and choose socks, (you can also choose “free” if you only want to look at free patterns) it will show you just the patterns using those parameters. There’s always patterns listed as “beginner” or “basic” or “plain jane” in the name that help show which ones are just basic sock patterns with nothing fancy which is a good place to start. You just need to decide if you want to use double pointed needles, or do magic loop or toe up or top down (my preferred method – which is just the way I like to make them, not saying it’s any better than any other method) is top down on double pointed needles. You can also add in to the filter “top down” etc. — lots of ways to get all those patterns filtered down to just what you are looking for. While I haven’t made these specific patterns so can’t vouch for them – here’s some that look like they are basic in sport weight yarn.

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