The Wind Tunnel

I have the wind tunnel set up in the sewing room.

DSCN4097Things look a bit – more than a bit – askew in the photo because I’m standing off to one side of the blocking boards since I just pulled them off the table to drop to the floor.  So all after noon there has been a fan blowing at each end.  I think my vest is nearly dry and I tossed the Hobbit Shoes on there to so they get a bit of help from the fans in drying.   Hmmmm my Hobbit Shoes might not look bad with that vest. LOL  Actually the colors aren’t true for the vest but in the photo they look like they could go together very nicely.

I did not get as much cleaning done as I had planned (oh drat and darn! ) 😉 because when I was talking to Mom, she said she could use some wooly socks which I am all to happy to Provide.  So pulled out some yarn and have about 3″ done using one of my favorite sock patterns from Ravelry, Nine to Five.  I’m using smaller needles than I use for me and boy does it seem to be knitting up so much more slowly.   I may need to make her some bed socks too out of some heavier weight yarn to keep her tootsies warm.