I haven’t bothered to even turn on my computer much at home this week because every time I do I want to scream.  The barrage of emails saying “I can find the free pdf patterns” continues! I counted them up and there have been 20 emails since February 9 when I posted what I thought were rather explicit instructions (after the first deluge of emails).  This is insane.   Clearly I live in some odd little universe where I expect people to actually read what I write and what is in front of them — reading and comprehension, very important.   And yes, if you think I sound  a bit  very bitchy about this – I am.  Probably my all time pet peeve of blogging — I share something like a pattern for free and then have to waste time repeating myself over and over — 20 emails/two minutes to answer each one would equal an hour of my time sucked away that I can’t get back.  And it also makes me wonder why I would aggravate myself by adding any more free patterns if I have to deal with this nonsense!

I don’t know what part of my instructions to find the free patterns was not comprehensible but if words don’t work, we’ll try this one more time for those of you who always preferred picture books to actual words.

When I say to Go to the side bar – that is that column on the right hand side of the blog from where the text of the blog post is actually written. My picture is at the top of the “side bar”.


That is what the top of the sidebar looks like.  You scroll down the sidebar until you get to PAGES.

So you scroll past this

2 and past this

3until you get to this

5 Notice in the gray header area it says PAGES.   If you look down this list to the bottom where this image stops, it says

FREE PDF QUILT PATTERNS.   Underneath that heading there is a listing of all the free patterns. that looks like this


6 You click on one of those names and it will open up a separate blog page.  On that blog page will be a link to get the pattern, or some may say they are no longer available (ones I haven’t reactivated yet) or I think one or two will tell you that the pattern is available for sale at Electric Quilt (it was a free pattern prior to my selling it and you can only now access those I sell through Electric Quilt if you have EQ7).

Now if you still can’t find  Livin’ the Tweet Life and Bird Bath then I guess you really weren’t meant to have them.

If anyone dares to tell me they still can’t find the pattern, may one million moths descend upon your house and eat holes in all your fabric stash.  Yes, comments are turned off and don’t send me emails. I don’t what to hear a single thing on this topic again.  Luckily once I rant about something I get over it quickly and, so as not to spoil the fun for all those who are able to find the files all on their very own (gold stars to each one of you!),  there will be additional free patterns that get added to that list – just not today!