on the needles – Friday the 13th

DSCN4092  My Ounce of Flounce  – Loopy Academy striping project – is moving along nicely considering I just cast on for this project two nights ago.  Simple garter stitch.  I’m just sort of winging how many rows of stripes and how wide they are in the middle.  This is going to be very soft and light to wear.

The cast on took a while since I decided to make it longer than the pattern called for – I made it half again as long in number of stitches so casting on for the flounce took a good number of stitches.  The yarn, tho sport weight actually feels more like fingering so I went down a needle size from the pattern to get the fabric I wanted.  This is great tv/bus riding knitting.

I’ve updated my 2015 knitting stash page to add in this yarn purchase for this project.  So the totals to date – 206 yards used and 1380 yards added.  The good thing – everything that’s been added to the stash is for my two Academy projects and it will soon go in the used totals.  I’ve got my Hobbit Shoes on tap tonight to get their seams sewn so that I can get them felted this weekend.  I also plan to get my Luau Vest blocked so I can seam and finish the trim.  And just maybe I’ll finally get that last seam sewn on my featherweight cardigan so I can get the trim finished on that one two.  Can’t wait to add some more finished photos to the stash page. 🙂   Check out what is on everyone else’s needles at Judy’s.