Loopy Academy Project 2

I haven’t sewn up or felted my first Loopy Academy project yet but soon.  In the meantime, I decided I’d figure out what I wanted to do for the second project – either a striped project or a slip stitch project. I opted for the project with stripes first.

I’m going to be making An Ounce of Flounce.  It’s just a short little scarf with a bit of ruffle on the edge.  It’s been in my Ravelry library for a while as something I wanted to make and now is the time.

My yarn is now ordered – Manos del Uruguay Serena in Wildflowers and Oyster.  The Wildflowers has such soft coloring – makes me think spring.  The Oyster looks like it will be a very close match to the Wildflowers so the stripes should blend a bit more rather than stand out – which is the look I’m going for.  I’m also going to use the Wildflowers for the main color (where the brown is used in the original pattern).  There looks to be a bit of pink in the Wildflowers but I’m hoping more toward purple shaded than pink (those who know me know I don’t like pink) but in any event even if there is pink in there it looks like a pretty blend.

wildflowers and oyster

The real clincher when I was looking at the patterns is that since this is a short scarf it’s held in place with a shawl pin which made me remember my lovely butterfly shawl pin I bought not long ago but haven’t worn yet.  I think the butterfly wings will look perfect against this yarn.

The yarn is a blend of alpaca and pima cotton so warm but headed toward spring with the cotton – may be just right around my spring coat collar for those blustery days.

More yarn coming in but soon there will be more yarn used up so it will all even out — and I’ll really be in the black for my knitting stash report  if I finish one or two or three or four of the sweaters that are in the works.  LOL  I pulled out my Wiggle Wrap to work on during the bus ride today since I forgot to wind more yarn last night for one of my sweaters.    The Wiggle Wrap is a great pattern you can pick up and put down and no worry about losing your place since its such an easy pattern but I’m getting ready for that to be done soon — but I want it really long so I shall continue on.  But now to wind more yarn for my purple sweater.