It’s a conspiracy to drive me insane

Holy smokes – emails galore in my inbox this morning all variations on the same theme “I can’t download the files” or “the links don’t work” for the two latest projects I brought back out of retirement.

Well the links can’t work because there are no links on yesterday’s blog posts.  All my free patterns are on separate PAGES.  Under my photo on the blog are instructions on how to find the Free PDF Pattern pages (silly me for expecting people to read rather than just sending an email that something doesn’t work)

When I say:  Check  out the Free PDF Pattern Pages for two more past projects……

that means GO TO the PAGES list (which is in the sidebar of the blog) find the FREE PDF QUILT PATTERNS, find the name of the pattern you want and open that page.  On that page you will find the active link.

If you are new to the blog or have never download a Box.Net pdf, then read the link at the top of the blog called Copyright/use of my patterns.  It explains how works as well as other important things you should know if you are using my patterns.