One Hobbit shoe

DSCN4083 After ripping back the multicolor so that I could use the yarn that arrived yesterday for the foot of my Hobbit Shoe, here’s what I ended up with last night.


You knit these flat and then seam them before felting.  So the colored portions are the cuffs around the angle and the rest is the foot.

DSCN4084The second photo is folded WST – I just need to seam up the back of the leg, toe and part of the top of the foot.  Looks rather like a Frankenstein shoe at the moment but anxious to see it after the felting works it’s magic.



4 comments on “One Hobbit shoe

  1. Do you have a pattern or are you making it all up as you go along?
    They look a great idea especially as you have so much snow there!!

  2. The colors you came up with look real good. The pattern looks interesting and not too difficult for someone that is not too advanced.. I’m curious as to how it will fit after you felt it. Do you have to wear it around damp to get it to conform around your foot better? Does it get some kind of sole on the bottom? I’m needing a pair of houseshoes and this looks like a project that I might be able to tackle. Will keep watching your progress. Thanks for sharing.

    • Well I suppose you could wear them around damp but that doesn’t sound like much fun. 🙂 I try them on with a plastic bag on my foot and if it fits right, I have an old sandal I slip inside a plastic bag and put them inside each one. I suppose you could also stick crumpled paper inside the plastic bag to shape things further but as long as it fits the length of the foot I really don’t think much other shaping is needed. No, there is no additional bottom added to them.

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