A great match

DSCN4082My yarn arrived a short time ago and  I guessed correctly.  The heathered Cascade will be a great match for the multicolor.  Now part of me (the majority of me) wants to wind it and sit down and get going on those Hobbit Shoes again.  But the sane part of me (very small part indeed) sees that I’ve  been rearranging the living room furniture and cleaning out other junk and I really need to at least finish the living room before calling it quits on the cleaning for today.

So the pressure is on – I’ve placed my order from my favorite pizza place (reward for cleaning all day so far) and will see if I can’t finish off the living room before they get here so better bet busy!


2 comments on “A great match

  1. Beautiful colors and beautiful match! BTW, I have been cutting fabric for the Seeing Stars project today. Almost done — just need to fussy cut my star centers.

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