I’m rolling in dough….

  or at least I was….DSCN4072

Is that a fine looking bowl of dough or what?   It turned out exceptionally nice today – no clue why.  But I’m out of dough now since here’s what’s cooling on my counters.

A loaf of cinnamon swirl bread  – yum.  And then a pan of cinnamon, raisin, walnut rolls which after that photo was taken got a bit of icing added to them and I’m just waiting for them to cool enough so I can give them a taste test.   Some of them will go in to work tomorrow and a couple will go in the freezer.

In the meantime the snow continues to come down (the little plow had been down the sidewalk once already) reminding me I still need to check to see if the spare boots are at home.  (I have a sneaking suspicion that they are at the office with my regular boots I wear and a fat lot of good that will be doing me.)  Oh well, hopefully it stops soon so there’s time for the sidewalks to my bus stop to get cleared and then I’ll be just fine wearing my tennies.


While all this baking was going on – rather than the Dr. Seuss quilt, I decided to start sewing together the blocks/rows in my Moda challenge quilt.  The two other rows on each side are the ones that will take the longest to get together since they have the most individual flying geese to stitch together but as you can see


the two rows on the left side are done and joined  so on to the next row.

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