And the snow keeps coming down

I really was hoping the weathermen had overestimated how much snow we would get –  we were sort of on a line where it could go either way, 3″ or 6″ and all winter we’ve been on the lower side.   But I’m guessing there’s at least 6″ out there so far.  The wind has changed and it’s all swirling around in a little snow tornado outside my sewing room window and towards my door so drifting a bit.  I’m guessing it’s really blowy out on the roads since I’m sort of tucked in below the hill so usually don’t notice any drifting around my building. And alas, no extra boots to be found – I’ve searched to no avail.  Oh well. If the guys who do the apartment building actually have our sidewalks shoveled before I have to hike to the bus stop tomorrow, then I should be fine in my athletic shoes but I’ll be taking an extra pair of socks just in case the first pair gets wet walking in deep snow. Once I get downtown, the sidewalks between bus stop and office will be clear.

Although I did find a bonus as I was searching the bottom of the closet for the boots – a totebag with two bus tickets in it that still had rides left on them – bonus!  I didn’t know I had those in there.

I’m done sewing for today – time to switch to a bit of knitting since the wind has come around to the sewing room side and it’s getting chilly in here.  More than half my rows are now set together.

DSCN4078  Oh and those cinnamon rolls – I can attest they turned out very good – so good I’m contemplating putting them all in the freezer and not taking any in to work tomorrow!  Mine mine all mine. 😉



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  1. We used to live just south of Elgin, IL and I remember those very snowy winters. Much easier to take when it is only on the TV. 😉

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