On The Needles – Jan 30, 2015


Lots of sweater pieces on and off the needles and laying in curling piles.  From left to right – my CF luau vest: back done, right front done, and it sort of blends into the back because it’s laying on top of it – but I’ve got a few inches of the left front done.  Need to wind another ball of yarn for that one.

In the middle is my CF Deep Winter KAL sweater – Stonington – a cardigan.  Back is done and laying on top of that is the right front – I’m about a third done with the front.

And lastly only right, my CF Featherweight KAL sweater.  One side/underarm seam is done and I need to seam the other side (which takes a long time on that fingering weight yarn) and then add the ribbing bands that go on the front and neck area.

And, in addition to having three new sweaters, think of all that yarn yardage to add to my “used” tally. 🙂  It will be offset soon with a yarn purchase tho — the information for Loopy Academy Semester II came out today.  I was on the fence as to whether I’d continue since the first semester projects took me away from my sweater knitting.  But the second semester projects are all about different techniques  and the minimum yardage requirement for each of the three projects  is not huge so I decided I’d do second semester.  So I’ll at least get my Freshman year completed at the Academy!   Check out the link – you can join in at any time – do first semester now, or be an over achiever and do both semesters at the same time to graduate with the rest of the freshmen. 🙂   One good thing – even with purchasing yarn for the class projects I know they won’t linger in the stash because they have to be done by the deadline.    I ordered yarn for the first of the three required projects, which is a felting project.

lakehuronlornaslaceshaymarketI ordered some Lorna’s Laces Haymarket and this color is Huron.  I’m going to wait to decide what I want to make with it when I get it.  I want to see the colors in person and see how it looks when you start knitting it up.  I think the colors might go really well with my bedroom furniture (the palest blueish green looks to be the color of my furniture) and I’m thinking felted bowl for on the dresser or bookshelf – those places that serve as a catch all for change or jewelry that never seems to make it back in the jewelry box, or the collection of shawl pins.

The other projects are knitting stripes and making something with a slip stitch pattern in it – but they can be anything (no specific pattern like cowl or socks, etc.)   I have several patterns that would work in my Ravelry library so I’m planning to also use projects I have been wanting to make from my Ravelry library instead of search out new patterns.

Now to stick dinner in the oven and then wind another ball of yarn for my vest – I’m hoping to get the other front done tonight (which is probably not possible even if I do stay up all night LOL) but I’d definitely like to have it finished so I can get it blocking by Sunday.