A new bag

 Yep a new bag to tote all my stuff around and I so love it.  I seldom carry a regular purse because I’ve always got my knitting to tote along, maybe lunch, Nook and who knows what else.  So I usually just dump my wallet, a smaller bag with my knitting, etc. all in a larger tote bag.   I don’t want to have to carry multiple bags – like to grab one and go.  And with multiple bags, I might forget to grab one,- get on the bus and find I have forgotten my knitting!  So I happened upon this bag on sale while looking at yarns to make a Bugga bag but then decided forget making a bag – this one was exactly what I wanted and I couldn’t pass up the 60 percent off price.  Bargain!   It’s Hannah’s tote by Hadaki, and the print is called Cobalt Stars. 


It’s big, it’s roomy and it’s so well made.  Can’t say enough good things.  The outside is water repellant fabric which repelled the snow quite nicely as I was standing at the bus stop.  There’s divided pockets along the inside that have elastic at the top of some of them — I’m thinking it will work great for working on my Wiggle Wrap since I have two balls of yarn – put them in separate pockets and they won’t get tangled up.  And it’s the little touches – like the place to hook your keys on the inside of the bag so they aren’t rolling around and getting lost and nice long shoulder straps that make it a winner for me.

So you’re thinking – it’s just a bag who gets so excited over that?!  Heck, it’s the little things that make me happy.  🙂  Too bad I didn’t tell them just to fill it up with yarn before they shipped it off to me!

As for what I’ve accomplished so far this week — I’ve been busy knitting, knitting, knitting but I’ll save that for tomorrow’s on the needles report.