On the Needles Update

DSCN4059 Lots happening this week on and off the needles.


First up – my CF Featherweight.  I finally started seaming last night.  Let me tell you, fingering weight sweater means not only lots of knitting but lots of stitches to seam too.  I got the shoulders done and the sleeves are set in and then since I was starting to go cross-eyed I stopped on that for the time being.

There’s just the two under arm/ side seams to finish and then I can pick up and knit the wide garter border around the front and neckline.  Because of the light weight and elbow length sleeves, this will be  a great spring/summer sweater.


The I was also working on my Luau Vest

DSCN4060The back is now finished – that piled up larger portion, and the smaller part is one of the front sections that I started earlier this week – so it’s progressing nicely and I need to wind another ball of yarn for that today since I’m nearly to the end of the one I’m on.

DSCN4058  And then there’s my CF Deep Winter KAL sweater – Stonington – which I just finished off second shoulder shaping last night.   One of the fronts is cast on but only about a half inch of the ribbing done.  The color in this photo is about the first one I’ve gotten that is actually pretty true to its dark purple color.  Back pieces just look like long blobs tho don’t they. LOL  The edges are curled under so you can’t really tell where armholes and sides meet and it does look really long (tho I’m tall) but that’s because that length will shrink up when it’s actually blocked and then worn.  But it’s a pretty blob nonetheless – I really like this color.

And, since all three of these projects were in sort of larger than I wanted to tote on the bus mode, or I needed to following the instructions more closely with decreases, etc.,  earlier this week I pulled out a pair of socks – not even sure when I started these but I had only finished the cuff ribbing on one of them.  Don’t know what my plan was and it really didn’t matter since only the top 1 x 1 rib was done so I decided I’d make some wide ribbing sections down the socks to add a little texture.

DSCN4061 It looks a bit odd in this photo with the big flare at the cuff but that’s because the leg is a 5 x 5 rib s it pulls in if there’s no leg inside it. 🙂  So I progress a few inches on this sock this week too.

I also did make some progress on my wiggle wrap — that one is definitely getting to long to drag along on the bus to knit.  I’d really like to get it finished off soon.

Whew!  Very busy knitting.


And as for the knitting from the stash — I’m hanging in there – a whole 24 days LOL  To me it seems like New Year’s was much longer ago than just 24 days.   Tho I was tempted to purchase yarn —  friend Judy mentioned Booga Bags and  we were emailing about them and I was thinking I needed to make another one since I had given all the largest ones I made away so didn’t keep one for me to use.  I actually had yarn in a cart – yarn on sale even! – but decided I have too many other things going right now so refrained from ordering.  I also found a sale on some Skein sock yarn – my two most favorite pairs of socks are the socks I’ve made out of Skein – but it was a sort of grab bag (they pick the color) so I refrained from that.  So far no new yarn in……


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  1. I’m in love with the deep, rich colors on both of the sweaters. You almost make me want to start knitting again.

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