Emerald City

No – I’m not skipping down the yellow brick road with Toto in tow…. but that is the name QM gave to my latest design to be published in Quiltmaker Magazine – March/April issue.

DSCN4062 I really need to get my mail from the mailbox at the end of the parking lot more than once a week — I didn’t know the issue was out yet  until one of the TQP ladies said she saw it.  And lo and behold, the advance copies were in my mailbox.

It’s always fun (and a surprise) to see what QM does with the design I send them.  Quilts get renamed to fit the fabrics they use (or because I can’t come up with a name and ask them to name it), and the fabric colors get changed many times from what I had my EQ image colored in with.

I like the  shades of two colors theme going on in this quilt  — and it has given me an idea for some batik fabric I have in the stash since I actually haven’t stitched this quilt – but may just need to make my own for my bed. 🙂Stardust+final one I sent themHowever to show you how different it started out in my image, here’s the quilt image I sent them.

Using a smaller segment of this quilt with the multicolors I drew, if sections are colored in differently, yield a bit different look…. as shown in the additional two drawings.

So, IF you live in the U.S., and IF you don’t have a subscription already to Quiltmaker Magazine (oh the horror), and would like to be included in the random drawing for a free issue of this magazine, leave a comment below.  Be sure to check back on this blog post next Saturday when I’ll update it with the winner(s) to see if you are the lucky one.  Updated: No response so had to pick some new winners.  Jan in Virginia – you are the winner. Please email me privately  (email address under my photo at top of blog) with your full name and mailing address.


53 comments on “Emerald City

  1. Actually I like the version with the nine different colors in the center, but on the bed the QM version looks terrific. Nice.

  2. What a FUN, neat quilt! And, I like all the variations. It looks as if you could make this quilt over and over and over and a person would see new quilts constantly!

  3. WOW! That quilt is a stunner no matter what colors are used. Emerald City is another name for SEATTLE!

  4. Lovely pattern and very deserving to be published. I like the version with the black background. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Well, I guess I’d have to try all the versions in real fabric before I could pick out my favorite!

  6. I do like the grays and teals the magazine uses. I’ll have to remember to look for the magazine while I’m out.

  7. Oooooooooooooooh, Love the quilt pattern.:-} Would love to win the magazine. I don’t get magazines any more as I have +50 years worth to look at. lol
    But that sure is a beautiful quilt.

  8. I believe that they did it in greens for St Patrick’s day. Would love to win the magazine. Wonderful design.

  9. What a beautiful pattern. I too love the different colors. I would love to have a subscription to Quiltmaker Magazine. Thanks
    Elizabeth Silverdale, WA

  10. That looks like some complicated piecing. Would you say it is a slow and steady kind of quilt, or do you think it is easier than that?

    • It’s a big quilt so it’s definitely a lot of pieces to stitch but I don’t think it’s complicated. It’s got the diamond block – which can easily be paper pieced and the rest of the quilt is all just four patch blocks.

  11. Great design and I like your first rendering a lot. I like using my stash and this would be great with my scraps. I like the darker background one too. I know Quilt Maker is one of the best magazines,m and I would love to win this issue.

  12. those “circle/stars” would be very cool done in an ombre shaded fabrics with the neutral background. It’s a great patterns and I’d love to win a magazine!

  13. That is a stunning quilt design in any of the variations. Will be looking for this issue, my subscription is expired until after our out of state move.

  14. I know I’m bad:-(. My subscription lapsed this year
    After so many years. I’d love a copy! Your pattern
    Is Beautiful!

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  16. This pattern is one that I find so interesting due to it’s ability to look so different with just a change of colors used. Love it Thanks

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