Free patterns update going on……….


If you’ve been reading my blog awhile,  you know that many free patterns I post to the blog – for special projects, BOM, mysteries, quilt alongs, etc., only remain live on the blog for a certain amount of time and  then the pattern is removed/retired.
I’ve decided to add some of these patterns back into the FREE PDF QUILT PATTERNS PAGES and I’ll continuing adding some others in as I have time.   One important reminder regarding these patterns — they are not to be shared in any way.  If your quilting friend wishes to make one too (after you’ve shown the gorgeous version you’ve made), please send  them to my blog to download their own copy.   If you have not read the “Copyright /Use of my Patterns” info which can be found at the top of my blog in the header listing, please do so.  It also contains important information regarding downloading of files from in case you’ve never downloaded any of my files.
Also, if the pattern was originally done as a mystery or instructions were given in separate steps posted to the blog, the instructions are still in that format.  I’m not going to waste time rewriting them into one continuous pattern so you’ll need to make sure to download all files listed for those types of projects.

Let’s see … so far I’ve added back in:

Bits ‘n Bytes


City Streets











Let It Shine









Mix ‘n Match




11 comments on “Free patterns update going on……….

  1. Thanks so much Denise. Like others, I found you after you had made some of these beauties. I appreciate the sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt patterns with us. You are so talentedand have a generous heart. Vivian in TX

  3. Thank you so much. I love making your patterns, even when I get a little “creative”
    in putting them together.

  4. Thank you! What a treat for those of us who found you after some of these were so generously shared by you the first time! We do appreciate your creativity and your kindness in sharing it!

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