On the Needles

DSCN4054 It was a lazy night of knitting last night so I never got the On the Needles report posted.   And I actually have something off the needles – at least temporarily.

First up, this is my CF Featherweight KAL Cardigan.  That pile is all the pieces .  The back is already blocked.  The fronts are all curled up so they look like nothing and the two sleeves which I just finished.  So hopefully I’ll get the rest of the pieces blocked this weekend so I can start sewing it together.  It will then go back on the needles because there is a wide ribbing band on the fronts edges and around the neck.  It’s been a bit longer slog making this because it’s fingering weight yarn but not bad.  I can see more fingering weight sweaters in my future.  The pieces are headed for a soak as soon as I get off the computer.  I’m anxious to see this one finished.

DSCN4053Then there is the CF cardigan style, low hip length vest I’m making.  It will have vee neck and just a single button or clasp at the end of the vee to close it.  Very simple stockinette stitch with garter hems and edging.  Something to wear a plain turtle neck or other long sleeved tee under.

This is the back and it’s nearly finished.  DK weight yarn so it seems to go so much quicker than the fingering weight sweater of course.  I think I should get the back finished this weekend and cast on the fronts, which I may work both at the same time

and then lastly,

DSCN4052 My CF Stonington which is for the Deep Winter KAL.  This one is in Miss Babbs Yowza, which is a light worsted weight so knits up quickly too.  Can’t wait to get this one finished since my other Yowza sweater is my favorite to wear. This one is a cardigan and I bought some great buttons for it.   I’m just past the first armhole decreases so working my way up the rest of the armhole on the back.  I made great progress on this one this week because some klutz was not watching where she was walking in the dark one night, missed a step, mangled her knee and spent a day at home with the heating pad and ice and knitting all day.  The mangled knee doesn’t hurt to walk anymore but has lovely bruises all down the side and I fell on salt crystals and sort of slid (the salt on the sidewalk) and those little buggers sliced my knee up just like road rash.  Not a great way to get in an extra day of knitting.

And believe it or not – no yarn ordered yet this year – woo hooo 17 days. ROFLOL.  Now I will admit I was looking at some yesterday on line because I found a really great sale.  It’s expensive to knit sweaters, especially when you are not a small size and are tall and I found some great looking wool/mulberry silk blend yarn that’s more than half off so a very significant savings in a sweater quantity.  I’m still debating on it tho.  And although there was all kinds of Wollmeise at TLE earlier in the week, there were not any colors I could not live without so didn’t get any– now that’s self control! 🙂




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  1. All 3 of your sweaters are beautiful. I love the purple yarn the best, with the red being a close second. Sorry about your fall, but you made the best of it! 🙂 Your will power is amazing – Wollmeise and you didn’t order! I know, you were just thinking of all those ladies that have a hard time getting it because of you and Judy hitting the “buy buttons” too fast, right?? lol

    • No I was not so noble as to care about anyone else being able to get Wollmeise LOL — most times I miss it since I don’t see the updates until after I get home from work and everyone else has had all day to snatch it up. Just not any colors that were calling to me – and/or not enough of a color for a sweater. The purple of my sweater is actually a very dark purple – not matter what I do I can’t get a good photo of it inside.

  2. Those are going to be gorgeous, especially the red one! I want to see pics of it when you’re done. I won’t pretend to believe that I would actually get one made, but where can I see a pic?

    Oh…..and please stay upright dear friend.

    • Well you can see the original CF pattern here
      The yellow one is a CF version of the designers original pattern, which had raglan sleeves (blue photo at top). Mine will look different because I made some adjustments in CustomFit to make it longer (I wouldn’t look good in the short version of the sweater) and I made the fronts wider. I would never make another sweater not using the CustomFit program — it’s based on your specific measurements and generates a pattern based on those measurements and your specific gauge swatch — you don’t have to “get” a gauge set by someone else. So altho Featherweight pattern is originally written for fingering weight yarn, I could swatch with worsted yarn if I wanted and it would adjust the pattern to that swatch.

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