It’s a wind tunnel

in my sewing room, that is.

DSCN4056  The fronts and sleeves are blocking so I’ve got two small fans blowing on hem to make them dry faster.  Tho fingering weight yarn slows down sweater knitting progress, it definitely speeds up blocking drying progress since these pieces are nearly dried.

But between the fact that it make it cold in the sewing room with the fans going, and they are a bit annoying to listen to, and I would have had to be stepping around those blocking boards on the floor, I did not get around to laying the wedding quilt which I wanted to do today.

I did manage to get many loads of laundry done and straightened up the sewing room a bit and cleared the table so maybe I can get to quilt layering tomorrow.

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe had asked the question on the blog about what Lil’ Loopy was doing while waiting for Loopy Academy to start second semester in February.  Well here’s what he’s doing at my house —

DSCN4055 He’s perched on the rack that holds the knit swatches and I’m thinking that since I’ve got a wind tunnel doing in that room right now, he just might be wrapped up in one of those swatches – perfect blanket size for him – next time I walk into that room.

If you’re doing the Knitter’s Gifts quilt – this months’ installment was uploaded this morning so be sure to get it.  The final border will be given next month.

Now to go fold all that laundry I washed while I wait for the pizza delivery guy — well you can’t expect me to do lots of laundry, clean the kitchen and sewing room AND cook dinner (since I forgot I was going to go to the grocery store today and never got around to it and there’s not much in my cupboards).  Another evening of knitting is in order I think after that.


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    • You mean you’re supposed to “do” something with them. 😉 I hang them on that rack – that’s what I do with them. Some of them are yarn manufacturers I use a lot so instead of making a swatch from the same yarn I’ll just refer to a prior swatch and the size needle. And since I use Customfit to generate my sweater patterns, I can use those swatches to get an idea of yardage needed if I plan to use the same or similar yarn.

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