Did you win the giveaway?

I just mailed out today the goodies – Dog Pound Pals calendar, Knitter’s Gifts totebag, and Knitter’s Gift notebook  from the last giveaway but not all the winners have  responded to give me their mailing address and claim their prize.

I emailed privately; the winners were listed in a new year’s blog post; not much else I can do so this is the final warning.  Anyone I’ve gotten no response from, who has not contacted me by the end of the week, those items are mine mine all mine to do with as I choose.  No whining allowed if you haven’t been paying attention – I don’t want an email a month from now telling me you won something. 🙂

Knitter’s Gifts makers – are you ready for the next installment??  You are? heck that means I need to remember to write it up in the next couple of days. LOL I just thought of that today – that this weekend is more joining of things together (of course, not that I’m that far along because I still have blocks to make as usual).   January is really flying by for me – I need to get hopping and get a few more things done!


4 comments on “Did you win the giveaway?

  1. I didn’t win the prizes-shoot! I am currently arranging my sewing room. There is so much I want to do and so little that I have done! What is the answer?

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