Sweater patterns and other knitting

I am so in love with this sweater pattern.   It was released just a few days ago and I just keep going back and looking at it.  It is up next I think on my list of sweaters to make – perhaps in some pretty spring color.  I will NOT cast it on now.  It will be my reward when I finish at least one of the sweaters I’m currently working on.

There’s the featherweight with only one sleeve and front edging to do, the vest I’ve got the back about half done on and the Deep Winter KAL sweater which I’ve been currently working on.  There is a spring short-sleeved pullover to finish sleeves on but just not what I want to be working on when the temperatures are below zero.

DSCN3965 This is definitely want I need to get back to working on also.  My wiggle wrap.  I started this after the frigid days of last winter so I would have a wrap long enough and wide enough to wear over my winter coat and wrap around my head and shoulders to keep those winter blasts out.  I definitely could have used it last week so I may put this back out to be my bus knitting project until (rather than one of the sweaters) until it’s finished.

I also want to get back to work on my Art Deco shawl I started a year go on New Year’s  – all my various Camp Loopy projects last year pushed aside some of the knitting and sewing projects so time to get them moving along again.

So this afternoon I think I’ll see if I can’t get the feather weight sweater sleeve closer to finished and find where I stashed the wiggle wrap, plug in some movies and knit away the afternoon.   I’ve been busy this a.m. — baked half a batch of chocolate chip cookies (stuck the rest of the dough in the freezer for some other day), there is honey wheat bread dough rising in the oven which should just about be ready to be shaped into  some crusty rolls to go with the pot of French onion soup I made this morning that is simmering away and nearly done.    My favorite soup!


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