Design Wall – Monday, January 5, 2015

Can I go back on vacation again?  Having to get out of my jammies this a.m. and walk out into the 2 degree weather – that made me want to go burrow back under my blankies!  But I survived.  It could be worse (and actually it will be later this week) LOL. Oh well, I’m back in where it’s warm now.

As promised, here’s my mystery quilt top – Seeing Stars – up on the design wall.  I still need to sew the rows together.  I love the big blocks (the large starburst blocks are 25″) and the simplicity of the solid fabrics.

DSCN4036If you made this – mine may look a little different because I substituted my yellow fabric (I love yellow) for the background fabric the directions called for in the very center of the starburst blocks.  The colors are all just a tad brighter than the photo since when I turned on the light in the sewing room one of the bulbs in one of my floor lamps blew out (you know, those expensive new lightbulbs that are supposed to just last and last – ha! they definitely don’t around here).

Anyway, I think it may end up getting hung behind the sofa.  And it will end up with binding in the blue.

If you want the pattern, you need to be sure to download it before the end of January, when it will go away.



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