State of the Stash (fabric stash that is) 1-4-15

What a lazy day I’ve had – I never nap but I did today which just blew my whole afternoon. 🙂  So I’ve accomplished very little – other than getting about 3″ knit on my new Winter KAL sweater.  Back to work tomorrow – my vacation is over – my cold is not over but at least I wasn’t at the office during the worst of it to share the germs with my co-workers.

I had planned to get back in the sewing room to sew the final seams of my mystery quilt, but  decided I’ll leave that until later this week.  I will post a photo tomorrow of my blocks up on the design wall so if you’re working on the mystery and don’t want to see the reveal – well you have been warned.

My plan for this year is to count fabric as used once a top is completed.  I actually sewed way more fabric than I accounted for last year since I was waiting until it was a finished project to add it.  So when a project has reached completed top stage, I’ll add it in to fabric used and then when backing is used when it gets quilted that will be a separate addition.

I’m also going to keep track of number of new projects started versus number of projects finished.   I did fairly well (at least better than some prior years) with starting and finishing projects last year since many of them were for Camp Loopy or challenge projects that had a definite deadline.  So I will see how this year goes — if I’ll be a starter (starting way more projects than I finish) or if I’ll be a finisher (finishing what I start and then some — which is I hope the category I’ll end up in a year from now).

So for the first state of the stash report of 2015:

Fabric purchased year to date:  zero

Fabric used year to date:  zero

Net stash used:  zero

Projects started in 2015:  1 (Seeing Stars Mystery Quilt)

Projects completed in 2015:  0

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4 comments on “State of the Stash (fabric stash that is) 1-4-15

  1. This year I have 3 lists going: nearly done UFO (ready to quilt and/or bind), partially done UFO, WIP, or PIGS, and purchased but not started. I’ve been trying to put fabric and patterns together into “kits” so that I don’t have to spend so much time searching for things. We’ll see if these steps help me this year.

    Hope your cold goes away soon. It’s just no fun to not feel good.

  2. Take care of that cold. It took more than a month for me to completely get over the nasty cold. I agree that it works better to count the fabric at each stage of completion. A person feels like more has been accomplished. Also, great idea to count the new starts.

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