First Knitting Finish of 2015

DSCN4025  My Pauline Bonnet is finished – very quick knit.   I found the perfect use for those air-filled plastic packing things.  Roll them up and they are great for blocking curved items.  I blocked the bonnet flat until it was nearly dry and then put it on a roll of packing stuff to give it its curved shape and stop it from having a fold line across the top middle from being blocked flat.




I crocheted a little half circle ditty for the embellishment and then found an old pin that belonged to my grandmother to add to the center for a bit of old-fashioned looking bling.  Also changed the icord edging a bit and added icord ties with tassels on the end.





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    • Not sure if you’re talking about the icord edging on the bonnet or the icord ties for it – edging directions are in the pattern. If you’re talking about the ties, the easiest thing is for you to type “how to knit icord” or a similar search in your browser — all kinds of videos, tutorials etc. are out there showing how to make it.

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