Deep Winter Sweater KAL

Well, yeah, I might have said I wouldn’t start another sweater until I finished one of the ones in progress.  But then I say a lot of things that seriously – how did they ever come out of my mouth since I know me better.  🙂

Actually that was my intent but I had forgotten that January 1 would start the next Customfit sweater KAL — Deep Winter Sweater — meant to evoke (at least in my mind) thoughts of comfy, cozy, warm cardigan sweater that can be thrown on with jeans as well as work pants.

DSCN4033And since this lovely  Miss Babs Yowza from her Christmas gratitude sale has been sitting on my couch since it arrived (whew – it arrived before 2015 so three days into the new year and I still haven’t purchased any yarn!) 😉  I decided I really wanted to make it into a cardigan.  I love my other sweater out of Yowza yarn so can’t wait to get started.  I’ve got one hank ready to start winding.

You can see the link to the pattern I’m using on my Ravelry page (see the notes at the bottom – that’s where the link is since it’s a CF pattern) and what I’m really excited about are the buttons I have ordered.  Since it’s a “deep winter” sweater, what could be better than “winter tree” buttons.  The link to the button site is in the notes at the bottom too.  I ordered them this morning and within an hour – maybe sooner – got the notification they were ready to mail.  Talk about speedy.

For those working on the mystery quilt – the last clue has now been posted.  I’m going to wait until the Design Wall Monday post to show what my top looks like so I don’t spoil the  “mystery” for those who are still stitching.

First Knitting Finish of 2015

DSCN4025  My Pauline Bonnet is finished – very quick knit.   I found the perfect use for those air-filled plastic packing things.  Roll them up and they are great for blocking curved items.  I blocked the bonnet flat until it was nearly dry and then put it on a roll of packing stuff to give it its curved shape and stop it from having a fold line across the top middle from being blocked flat.




I crocheted a little half circle ditty for the embellishment and then found an old pin that belonged to my grandmother to add to the center for a bit of old-fashioned looking bling.  Also changed the icord edging a bit and added icord ties with tassels on the end.




Coffee anyone?

Are you up?  Are you awake?  Are you ready to sew?

Is the coffee made?

coffee   Mystery clue one is available.   My email appears NOT to be available at the moment and won’t open up.  So any questions on the mystery, please post them to the comment section of the Mystery Page so they stay all in one place (in case someone else may have the same question) and I’ll answer them in the comments.