On the Needles Update – 1/2/2015

It’s the first On the Needles report of the new year and I can report that no new yarn has been added to the stash in 2015 so far. 🙂  No new yarn has even been ordered that hasn’t arrived yet!  I know, it’s a miracle!

And, I pulled some yarn out of the stash last night to work on a little project.  Seems like when I’m working on sweaters I need to have a little project that will finish more quickly going at the same time so it seems like I actually get something finished.

DSCN4020 This is my start on the Pauline Bonnet – a free pattern on Ravelry which I think is just so cute.  It doesn’t look like much so far. The yarn I picked up on sale at a Wisconsin Craft Market and at the time was wishing they had enough left to make a sweater.  Now that I’ve started knitting with it, I think I’m glad I don’t have a SQ of it.  I like the yarn but it has a texture to it that makes it not slide smoothly against itself as you knit.  Knitting a whole sweater of it might be a bit hard on the hands.

I do like the way it is knitting up tho – it’s a bit darker burgundy than the photo shows, and it’s a wool / mohair / Angora blend.

The Pauline Bonnet pattern reminds me of those winter caps I used to wear to church when I was little and women/girls had to have something on their head in church – I had some shaped very similar.  I may change up the decoration on the side tho and possibly do some felting of whatever I add to the side.   While I don’t generally like wearing knit hats/caps – they slide around on my hair and mush my bangs – I hate mushed bangs – but this bonnet shouldn’t do that so it’s highly likely it will get worn.

Did I mention that I haven’t bought any new yarn yet this year?? I know – the willpower is phenomenal! 🙂

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  1. That’s a cute bonnet. I’m casting on for it now. I had the yarn and needles in hand for boot cuffs, but I get distracted easily. That’s probably why I have about a hundred projects in progress at the moment. Congratulations on your strong as steel willpower with the yarn buying (Ha Ha).

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