Friday stuff

First – for those patiently (and impatiently) waiting,  🙂 the mystery quilt cutting instructions just went live so you can now have at them, grab that cup of coffee or soda, and get to work with that rotary cutter.

Remember – the first sewing clue goes live tomorrow (Saturday) at  6 a.m.  CST.  When a new clue is available for download, I’ll also list the “approximate” time that the next clue will be available.   If you have questions along the way – feel free to post them in the comments section of the Mystery quilt page and I will answer them as soon as I am able.  Also remember I am running this mystery on the blog and for a yahoo quilting group so will be keeping up with both in addition to sewing myself so will not be just sitting at the computer every minute of the day.  I do think however, that things will be pretty self-explanatory – with beginner friendly techniques, etc.   Have fun!


I’m currently trying to decide what kind of fun I want to have with these fabrics –

DSCN4021 I ordered a couple precut packages of Cat in the Hat fabrics to make a baby quilt.  I was separating one of the packets to see how many different prints are I it – there’s two of each of the ones I stuck up on the design wall.    Whatever I do with them, it will be a very simple design because I don’t really want to cut these up.

I think I have a plan but need to see if I have any solids in the stash that would work with these.




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  1. Denise: I was wondering how long you will keep up the sewing instructions? I would hate to miss the first one with the 3 hour time difference. Hoping this mystery quilt will give me lots of quilting incentive for 2015.

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