Emergency Rations

I decided earlier this afternoon that I really needed to make a quick trip to the grocery store.  How could I possibly spend the next two days sewing if there was no soda in the house.  I do drink plenty of coffee (which is fully stocked) but a girl needs her Diet Coke too!  Okay there were also some basics like eggs (which are about the only breakfast food I eat on the weekends since I’ve never been a cereal eater) and butter or margarine or some such thing to spread on my toast (or make biscuits with but I just remembered last time I made biscuits my pastry blender broke and I haven’t replaced it – drat) and in addition my cold has taken it’s toll on the Kleenex supply — so here were some things other than soda I needed.

So hopped the bus – the sun was shining but the air was definitely crisp but after being inside for days, it felt good to be out in the fresh air.  So in less than an hour I was back home, remembered the stuff I needed (since I hate making grocery lists), added a few extras to my cart, but the point of all this blathering is to tell you of my  bargain of the whole shopping trip…

DSCN4022I love tin storage containers — they are just so fun and colorful.  This one is a very nice size and will be put to good use since I store all kinds of things in tins – flour, sugar, coffee, coffee beans, pastas, rice, etc.  And the are so much cuter in my cabinets or on a counter than plain old plastic containers.  These were in the clearance aisle where they were selling out the seasonal stuff or other stuff being discontinued.  I generally buzz right by that shelf since it’s usually not stuff I would ever use or I do not need the large bags of angelfood candy even if it is marked down. 🙂  The tin caught my eye tho and was marked down to $1.99 and I thought – not a bad price for a  tin that size so I picked one up.  It was not empty as I thought it would be.  So I untaped the top of one to see what was inside.



It really was a bargain I got for $1.99 since inside there was a Coupon good on my next bag of Chocolate chips for $1.50 — that coupon will nearly recoup what I spent on the whole thing — but inside there was also a 12 oz and a 6 oz bag of chips — now that tin is definitely a bargain.  For that price I picked up another one too.

Hmm… I may have to pay more attention to what’s being put on the clearance shelf.

Okay – enough thinking of chocolate chips –  time to put a Stromboli into the oven to heat up for dinner, and press a few more mystery clues before I switch from sewing to knitting for the rest of the evening.


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  1. lovely tin. I would have bought it too – not being empty is a total plus :). chocolate chip cookies 🙂

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