Happy New Year’s Eve


Wishing you a safe, healthy and happy 2015.  I will be spending the evening watching movies, knitting — nothing exciting or out of the ordinary — but a great way to ring in a new year.

And here’s the winner’s I promised to announce today.  Please email me privately with your full names/mailing addresses. My email is listed below my photo in the sidebar.

Winner of the Knitter’s Gifts notebook — Lisa in Alabama

Winners of the Knitter’s Gifts Totebags — Joanna Perry and Julie Hill McCluney

Winners of the Dog Pound Pals Calendars — Meloree10 and Lhanner

Congratulations to all.

Do you make “resolutions” for the new year.  I  can’t say that I really make resolutions.  I have more of an “ongoing work in progress” list that hopefully I made some progress on. 🙂  Each year brings new possibilities and challenges.  Hopefully your new year is full of wonderful possibilities and no challenge that is too challenging.

Speaking of Challenges — you may have noticed the button in the sidebar that looks like this

yarn Look at all those lovely yarns.  No that is not actually a picture of my stash.  But it is representative of it.  Every time I go looking through the storage containers I find so many lovely colors that make me thing – “I really need to make something with that!”

Well this is the year I truly concentrate on just that — making something with many of the lovelies in my stash.  I have several sweaters on my “really want to make list” and yarn waiting in the stash.  My last order of 2014 has arrived from Miss Babs and the purple color is so pretty I’m anxious to put it to use but have a couple projects I must complete first. There are various scarfs, wraps and socks on needles that need to be finished.  I didn’t complete a single pair of socks in all of 2014 — I may have added one or two single socks but not a completed pair.  I need to remedy that.     So I will update that page with photos of finished projects and I’ll be tracking the yarn amounts knit.  And I plan to pull some of that yarn to put my loom to work this winter too.

I hope to spend more time actually sewing/quilting this year since last year I did not get to as much as I had hoped, and get some projects that have been languishing out of the closet and get them finished up.  So I’ll be pulling “old friends” out of storage:  swap blocks to make into tops, blocks to be finished and set together, or borders to add, or layer and get it quilted.   As I was searching for a specific photo on the computer I kept scrolling past quilt projects in various stages thinking – oh I love that one – I need to finish it.  Some have languished too long (like one that has the year I was working on it appliqued oh so lovely at the bottom of the border — hmmmm, yep its many years later and it still is not quilted).

My plan is to start going through a storage container and organize them a bit – they are sort of grouped by swap blocks, other works in progress, and quilt tops to be quilted.  I know there are tops I don’t care for so honestly I know they would never get quilted by me but someone else may love them, same with blocks – I keep moving some of them about -left over from projects or ones I’ve long forgotten what I was going to do with them.    So a bit of cleanout/organization/donation and then prioritize what I want to work on first.

If there is one less storage tub of quilting “stuff” and one less storage tub of yarn by the end of 2015, then I will have done very well indeed!

Of course hopefully there will be one more quilt top to add to the “must quilt” list by the end of the weekend. 🙂

I spent today writing up the last of the Mystery Clues – I forgot how long it takes to do that – and I just realized it’s nearly 3:30 p.m. and no one has brought me breakfast nor lunch!  Coffee will only get me so far.  Now to figure out if I want breakfast, lunch, dinner — or all of the above!  I do know that there’s some bananas on my counter just asking to be made into banana bread so may do a bit of baking too.