Sunshine isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

I’ve changed my mind – I’ll take the gray and gloom of the past several weeks because at least it was 35 degrees most of the time.   Sunshine and single digits just makes you think it’s nice outside when in fact it is windy and something below zero wind chill.  It’s days like today that make me miss the townhouse I used to live in that had a garage below the main floor.  This apartment is on a slab so the floors are always so cold and I seldom wear shoes.  Even my wooly socks were not keeping my feet warm today.  It is the end of December and we really haven’t had much cold weather till now so that I am thankful for – but can I just say Brrrrrrrr.

Today I didn’t get much sewing done – just a block to test something to make sure it was correct – and then I was busy writing up the final instructions for the  Dog Pound Pals borders and also starting writing up the Mystery clues.

I did get in some knitting time for a while this afternoon — while trying to get my feet warmed back up — and finished one sleeve of my Featherweight cardigan.  One more sleeve left to go.

This should be arriving at my house tomorrow I think

babsMiss Babs Yowa in Tulipa colorway.  I have been wanting this color and the other sweater I made from the Yowza I wear all the time and just love, so I bought enough at her Gratitude sale to make a sweater.  Haven’t decided what pattern yet.  I love these big hanks — so many fewer ends to bury.

Time to turn the heat up and go snuggle under some blankets and cast on my next sleeve.  I can’t believe it’s after 8 p.m. — mostly because my stomach isn’t growling yet even tho I haven’t had dinner — must go foraging in the fridge and see what there is to go with the big bowl of buttered popcorn I’m really hungry for.



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  1. That’s a gorgeous color! And yes, I much prefer the raining Seattle weather we have to the freezing temperatures. At least it doesn’t freeze when it rains.

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