It’s just irksome….

not the end of the world but simply irksome that I have not taken vacation in ages and two days into it I’m getting a cold.  Middle of the night I woke up with a sore throat and tried telling myself it was just because it was dry in the house – and part of it was that it was the air in the house is so dry – and it doesn’t really hurt anymore after the bazillion cups of hot coffee I have consumed today.  Then I started sneezing. Dagnabbit!  But then it was to be expected I guess because it seems every Christmas I end up with some form of croupy coughing crud – seems I can’t ring in a new year unless I’m sick for some reason. 😉   Oh well, I decided to make a quick trip to my local Walgreens since there was not a Kleenex left in the house, got some Zicam type stuff to see if that might help ward off this cold and keep it from turning into the croupy coughing crud.  I believe the boxed brownie mix I also picked up will definitely help me feel better too — possibly more than the medicine! Homemade brownies would have been better but Walgreens simply doesn’t carry the chocolate I needed so I’ll just have to muddle through with the boxed mix.  🙂

Riding public transportation this time of year is a risky prospect — much coughing and sneezing going on all around you so I figured it was just a matter of time — oh well, it could be worse.

I did spent most of the day sewing which was nice.  I’m about 15 geese short of being half-way done with all the flying geese that go in this project.  Here’s the top half so far laid out on the design wall.

DSCN4011But enough sewing for one day.  I pulled some homemade French onion soup out of the freezer, which is thawing and will go well with my melty toasted cheese sandwich, followed by a steamy hot shower, and then I’ll snuggle into my knitting chair with my blankies for the rest of the night.  I’ve got the baby bonnet seam sewn so need to finish burying ends and then I can add the icord ties.


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  1. OOpsie Denise. The flu that was not in the vaccine this year is going around like wildfire up here in Anchorage. A lot of people I know have or had it. Guess what it started with A sore throat! iF i WAS YOU i WOULD BE OFF TO THE dOC AND GET THE TAMIFLU. It helps if you get it in the first 24hrs of being sick.
    sorry about the caps just a slip

  2. Poor baby. Nothing is worse than to be sick on a much awaited vacation. I know those brownies will help beat that cold!! Your baby bonnet is so cute. Get well quickly.

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