Final Giveaways for DPPAS and Knitter’s Gifts

I’ve cleared out my box of goodies and I still have some giveaway goodies for the 2014 BOM projects.   There are still two large Dog Pound Pals 2015 calendars.






 And there are still two Knitter’s Gift tote bags  as well as one blank notebook.  So time to clean out the final items so I can get them mailed out next week oops – not next week, I’m still on vacation so they’ll be mailed after first of the year when I return to work.

How can you be eligible to win these items??  Glad you asked.

(1)  to win a chance at the Knitter’s gift blank notebook — all you have to do is live in the US and leave a comment on this blog post.  Sorry to the non-US residents but postage would cost more than the actual notebook cost which would be a bit silly.

(2) to win the Knitter’s Gifts, you must have participated in that project, not won a tote bag previously (I have a list) and upload your photos of your blocks to the Justquiltin Flickr group.  You can load multiple photos for chances to win but each photo must contain a different month’s blocks that you haven’t posted previously and/or the larger section we have assembled  to date.  (well some of you have assembled it, I still need to play catch up).

(3) to be eligible to win the Dog Pound Pals calendars you must be a participant in that project, not have won any giveaways in connection with that project previously, and leave a comment on our DPPAS page (not this blog post).  Any comment left prior to 12/27/14 on the DPPAS page  is not eligible to be included for the drawing.  I’ll just use comments posted between today and the day I award the goodies.

Winners will be posted on New Year’s Eve.     UPDATED – 12/31/14 – WINNER’S ANNOUNCED – CHECK TO SEE IF YOU WON


20 comments on “Final Giveaways for DPPAS and Knitter’s Gifts

  1. What a cute notebook. I’ve been moving, so haven’t started the Knitted Gifts quilt yet. Perhaps the notebook would inspire me to begin.

  2. What an adorable notebook. I need to get my projects written down to help keep me focused. Thanks for the opportunity to win a giveaway.

  3. I’d love to use that cute cute cute notebook! My knitters gifts sits in my files yet. I’ve been working on a quilt for the Dallas Quilt Show as well as Christmas gifts so I am not even started. My loss, as I know your designs are so user friendly.

  4. Would love to win the notebook! So cute! I have lots of plans for 2015, let’s hope ‘life’ doesn’t get in the way, hehe.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  5. I would love to have that little notebook sitting on my counter. Thank you! It might remind me that finishing my Knitter’s Gifts is as important as making dinner, dusting, etc. I have a dream of having a Christmas or Winter quilt for each bed. I could still finish long before this winter is over if I just didn’t get carried away wanting to eat! Happy New Year! Thank you for a wonderful 2014 of Quilting and Knitting ideas!

  6. I also find your designs unique and Fun! My Knitter’s Gifts blocks are only partly finished, not assembled….however, the notebook might motivate me to “day and date” my work on them! Thanks for the chance to win it!

  7. Denise, thanks for the chance to win the notebook! I found you on Ravelry via the Loopy Ewe forum, and come to your blog often. I’m a knitter and a wanna-be quilter, and I’m constantly amazed at how much you get done!

  8. I enjoy your blog and like seeing what you have made. I sew every day to keep myself busy. I have made several quilts, but my real love is making purses.

  9. I love the chance to win any of your give-aways, but I only qualify for the notebook. I thin this would make a great needlework journal.
    I have followed most of your BOM’s over the last several years, and I love and appreciate all the work you share. Can’t wait to see what 2015 has to bring.
    Lisa in Alabama

  10. The Dog Pound is and always will be one of my favorites. I gave my little girl fur baby to Jesus on December 15. She was 15 and 1/2 years young. I,m not ready yet for another fur baby but I will someday…

  11. I just recently started following your blog so I have no blocks to share. I do enjoy your blog. Happy New Year to all!

  12. Enjoy reading your blog posts every day. You certainly get a lot a things accomplished and I admire you for that. Would love to win the notebook. Thanks for the chance.

  13. I’m one of the participants in the Knitter’s Gifts quilt, but sadly haven’t put all of my blocks together. It’s on my list of things I intend to work on when things quiet down after the new year, and I’m not (still) making last minute gifts. I’m pretty sure I’ve uploaded all of my blocks so far. This is a very creative design and very unlike other quilts I’ve made.

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