Wedding quilt is a completed top now

DSCN4001  I finished sewing the borders on the wedding quilt Christmas night.  It looks rather large and imposing on the design wall next to me – so glad I’ve got that machine with the larger throat area to quilt it with because I would not have loved doing it on my old machine.  It will still be a lot of quilt to wrassle with but first I need to make sure there’s batting large enough in the closet.  Then to decide which of the quilt backings I want to use.


I did get the fabric earlier this week that I had forgot to include in my order for the Moda fabric challenge so think I will but a few  blocks out for  that this afternoon since I’m not in the quilt layering mood today.


And isn’t this a cute little baby hat.  I started one last night for my great niece — with, believe it or not, yarn from the stash! 🙂

On the Needles, Friday, December 26 – knit the stash recap

The last on the needles report for 2014 — that whole Knit the Stash thing — while I did knit from the stash, heck I was adding to it on a regular basis.  I stopped updating my tally in the blog widget so the last couple orders are not included.  Suffice it to say, I knit a bit less than half as much as I added to the stash.  Pretty much all of my adding in the last four or five months has been in preparation for next year (how’s that for an excuse)!   I have several projects lined up, I needed sweater quantities and the stash does not contain SQ -it mostly contains sock quantities.  And there was the lastest Wollmeise updates so now I can make striped Wollmeise sweaters too since I don’t have enough of any one color.

Anyway here’s what I’m currently working on.

DSCN3999 It’s a CustomFit v-necked cardigan front vest that will have one button to close it – garter st hem and edgings.  This is the photo I took of it yesterday morning but forgot to post it.


The second photo is the one I took this  morning, outside my door where the sun was actually peeking through – finally! sun!

Anyway I was trying to get a true color photo and as you can see, I probably added about  6-8″ to it yesterday  – tho actually the first photo looks more true to color.


I’m still working on my CustomFit Featherweight Cardigan.  Another 2 inches or so and I think I’ll be ready to start the underarm shaping on my first sleeve.  That project is much slower going (knitting) since it’s fingering weight yarn.   And of course there are various socks and scarfs (wiggle wrap) on the needles.

There’s even these slippers which I worked on one night last weekend — the slipper pattern I learned long ago. Didn’t everyone learn to knit making these?  I did – and made many many pairs in my younger years for everyone in the family.  These will be interesting since the second one will turn out a bit different in color (or maybe very different in color) since I’m using some long color change yarn – holding two strands together.

DSCN4006These are just a slight bit too big since I wasn’t really following a pattern, but I plan to wash them and toss them in the dryer to felt them just a little before adding the big pom pom on top — they Must have a pom pom 🙂  But they are cozy and warm.

Among my final yarn purchases – this arrived earlier this week



The hanks are the Wollmeise Pure I ordered.  The purple and navy will be used together in a sweater I think.   The blue and gray are lace weight and will be used to make Spring Kerchief.

There is yet one more order coming (isn’t there always one more order) – from Miss Bab’s gratitude sale – some Yowza in a pretty purple for a sweater.  I have one sweater from her Yowza yarn and just love it and wear it all the time.

So my knitting plan for 2015 — finish some of the projects on the needles, search the stash for new projects to go on the needles (I have several lined up to keep me busy for a while.)   I probably won’t be doing Loopy Academy for the second semester and I’m not sure about Camp Loopy — I want to concentrate on the projects that I want to knit and not necessarily on ones that meet certain requirements.  Besides doing Fabric camp loopy and yarn camp was a bit hectic.

You can see all the projects finished in 2014 here.    Eighteen projects finished in 2014 – several which were sweaters and it takes a whole lot of yarn and time to knit me a sweater – so I think that’s pretty darn good with all the other things that keep me hopping around here.