Merry Christmas to All

globe Whether you are safe and snug and warm in your little house in the woods like in the snowglobe, or traveling to visit family and friends, hope you all have a Happy Christmas.

I’m safe and snug but just had to kick up the heat so I get to “warm”.  I think the fog – the never ending fog – has really brought the chill into the apt this morning and the temps have dropped.  No White Christmas here – dare I say that a “little” snow would be pretty but it also has been nice not having below zero temps and inches and inches of snow like we had at this time last year.


Here’s what Christmas Day looked like last year





Look at that sunshine and blue sky and sparkling snow.


Here is today —  the fog has lifted up out of the trees tho the photo makes it look a bit brighter out there than it really is.  You can’t really tell from my photo but the top of the hill is actually looking green.  I think because of all the fog and upper 30 temps  Mother Nature thinks it might be the spring thaw rather than winter not really having started yet. 🙂



But much better weather for anyone traveling this holiday season.

My greatest dilemma for today — knit or sew or both;

what to make for dinner since I have many delicious selections in the fridge/freezer depending on how much work I want to go to;

wondering why I didn’t make myself any breakfast goodie for this Christmas morning!!!!!  Christmas tradition was Mom made caramel pecan sticky rolls  or a particular coffeecake we all loved.  My parents are in Nashville for a gather before a family wedding next week and my brother requested that Mom make “THE coffeecake” and bring it — the lucky devil.  🙂  We all know that “the” coffee cake is made with a sweet roll type dough but then there’s two toppings that can go on it (which is why it’s made in cake pans or similar size so you can make several and use both toppings).  It either has this great streusel and then powdered sugar glaze on top, or it has cinnamon and coconut and then the glaze.  I love both but am a big coconut fan.  I just may need to make some this week at some point.

But I digress into the world of delicious coffee cake.  Hmmm time to go see if there are blueberries in the freezer (I’m sure there are) and mix up some muffins I think.  And then I have a couple of gifts under the tree I haven’t opened yet from a quilting friend in California that I haven’t even ripped open early (except for the little box of See’s candy she sent!).

I hope to get the remaining borders on my niece’s wedding quilt and I’m doing a mystery quilt for the TQP yahoo group – the weekend after New Year’s instead of our usual NYE date – so need to figure out:  Do I have fabrics in the stash that will work or do I need to order some quickly or go to the LQS before then.  So need to do a little stash diving.

8 comments on “Merry Christmas to All

  1. Merry Christmas, Denise. Thanks you so much for your constant generosity and humorous outlook on life in general.

  2. Merry Christmas. It was fun to hear about your family tradition of coffee cake but it’s a shame you can’t be eating that treat with your family this morning. I’ve spent most of the day sewing and actually finished a quilt top. Christmas is very quiet here and with no snow here it doesn’t even look like December. We had to be satisfied with a little Facetime this morning while one granddaughter opened gifts 300 miles away.

  3. I loved your pictures of snow last year. They made me nostalgic for the Christmas I spent in Canada and the very deep snow there. It’s Boxing Day here in Australia, so Christmas is over for another year and I’ll be running the air conditioner to try to stay cool in 30+ degrees C.
    Best wishes to everyone for a productive and happy 2015,

  4. Merry Christmas to you and thanks for all the wonderful inspirations throughout the year. I used to have traditions for Christmas, but since it is down to just me, they are remembered, but not the same for one person. I too am going to be doing some catch up quilting or knitting. It is sunny and forecasted to be in the mid-50’s today, so it almost warm enough to play outside! That coffee cake sounds yummy. Makes me want to bake one now –naw, I think I’ll just dip a biscotti in a cup of coffee and call it good. They are chocolate, hazelnut ones, so they are yummy too.

  5. Merry, Merry Christmas. May God richly bless you on this Christmas day. It’s lovely to hear about your traditions. I hope you feel free to share the recipe in detail for us who are trying to make new holiday traditions. I went to church last night with a fellow widow and cried through the entire service. Even though some of it was very joyous, I never know what is going to set off the tears of my departed loved ones. It’s chilly in OK, so I think I’ll spend most of the day in my chair cross stitching in preparation for sewing it into an item. i hope you know that your postings are a blessing to others. Again, have a Blessed Merry Christmas.

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