What shall it be?

DSCN3986  First – I forgot to put this in the last blog post.  The top of the tree is not yet fully decorated – I haven’t gone searching yet for the box of mini ornaments that go at the top and this is before I put the new tree topper on it.  But I love this skinny little tree.  Yes the dust mop in the back of the photo adds a certain glamour don’t you thing! LOL  I need to take one more sweep over the tile to make sure no shards of broken ornament got away before I slide the tree back into the corner a bit more.  If you look at the base of the tree – it really only takes up about a 2 foot square area – nice and compact.


Now for the what shall I be item — my new knit swatch is dried.  I like the larger needle version much better, after a soak and drying it feels great and has a nice drape.


I do so love those colors so now I’m off to input my swatch info into CustomFit and see what I can make with the amount of yarn I have.  There’s a  vest pattern that I’ve been wanting to make – actually two of them – Sebasco  and Nantasket so if I don’t have enough for anything with sleeves, then I should have plenty for one of them.



3 comments on “What shall it be?

  1. I’m nearly done with the pieces of a Sebasco vest — a little nervous about the i-cord trim around the armholes, because I’ve never done that before. And the daisy stitch borders are a bit fiddly,but I love the way they look… I’m not sure how it would look in your variegated yarn, though.

  2. Love your tree!! Also love the color of this yarn….it would definitely make a beautiful vest!! Have a great rest of the weekend!

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