What has 40 pieces….

and those 40 pieces all measure about 1″ x 2″ and  leaves you with is pile when you are done….

DSCN3971  And that pile has more fabric than in the finished item……


You get a finished Christmas gift!

DSCN3973 I bought some kits at Wisconsin Quilt Expo at least two years ago – I was going to use them as Christmas gifts the year I bought them and never got around to making them. I think I gifted one to a quilting friend so she could make her own.

Forty little pieces of fabric to paper piece just was not something I was looking forward to but this was not bad at all.

The pineapple block is a 3″ x 3″ finished block and the lovely double matting was part of the kit.  The frames I think I actually  bought the following year.   But finally I’ve got one of them all put together.

Now I just have one more to do – that one has red and cream matting.

So I didn’t get the rest of the outer borders added to the wedding quilt because I switched gears to work on this but tomorrow is another day.  But it as nice to spend most of the day in the sewing room accomplishing something.

Now I think it’s time to get comfy in the living room  and start knitting on my sleeves that I wound the yarn for early this morning — it seems a long time ago that I did that. 🙂


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