Mail surprises

I was contemplating going to the grocery store this afternoon and stopped sewing to go look outside — nope, the fog has turned to more fog and it was drizzling so not waiting for a bus in that today. But I did spy a box the mailperson had left outside my door in the drizzle.

DSCN3969Not a great photo but there’s the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks mug for the 10th anniversary issue – it has a little 10th anniversary banner on the other side but my photo turned out even more blurry of that.  There’s my block – bottom row, corner.  I now have a nice rounded set of six mugs which fills my mug tree.


I’m happy to report – I had enough of all fabrics to cut all the borders I wanted.  The floating border is attached all the way around (have I mentioned how much I hate sewing on long plain borders?  I think that’s why lately my quilts have pieced borders – don’t mind those).

DSCN3966And as you can see, I have one section of the taupe and blue outer border joined to one side.  I just need to cut the section for the right side to length and then can get that added too.  I just might get these borders all  on before I quit stitching for today.

Especially since now that I’m not going to the grocery store, I think I’ll just order delivery from somewhere for dinner so don’t have to worry about making something.



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