Foggy Saturday

It has been a foggy week most of this week and today is no exception.  I can barely see the top of the hill outside my door.  A good day to stay inside and knit? or quilt? or decorate the Christmas tree?

I actually did take the tree out of the box last night.  It’s definitely skinny – hopefully still enough tree to hold my many ornaments.  I haven’t done the “fluffing” of the branches yet but I do like the fact that it will fit about anywhere.

As for knitting today – I’ll save that for later tho I did finally finish off the fronts of my CustomFit Featherweight Cardigan.  So just finished winding another cake of yarn so I can start on the sleeves.  I’m a little concerned that I’ll be really close on yarn since it has a wide edging on the sweater fronts (I made some changes to the pattern after I started which used more yarn) so I may have to order another hank just to be sure since I know its in stock and hope Cascade colors don’t vary much from batch to batch.

Quilting – that’s what I hope to get started on first (since I’m ignoring the cleaning in the living room that should occur).   Need to cut some borders and get them on the wedding quilt.

And speaking of the wedding quilt, the pattern I used (tho I didn’t add the applique to mine – shocker, I know, but I liked the fabrics just as they were) is now available for download at    It’s called Kotori Fans.


This morning I’m really wishing there was a restaurant nearby that delivered breakfast!  But guess I’ll have to wander into the kitchen and find something myself.  I’m thinking perhaps as a tasty treat some cinnamon raisin biscuits.

Then I can ponder my dilemma — I’m trying to decide what sweater I want to start once my Featherweight is done (yep planning ahead).     It will be a CustomFit version of whatever sweater I make and incorporate the lacy or other stitch pattern used in the original sweater.

I’m thinking about  Oceanna Cardigan

or Ivar

or Unbalanced

or Mork

or Pecten

or Cinnamon  (which I love in that cinnamon color)

okay – after mentioning Cinnamon several times I really do need raisin cinnamon biscuits – off to the kitchen! 🙂

4 comments on “Foggy Saturday

  1. Do we get a vote? Haha well here goes anyway. I vote for Ivar. I really like the neckline on this one. And the fact that it buttons down the front. It would look really nice over a blouse and is easy on and off if need be. I take my sweaters off and put them on several times a day. Love the IVAR
    Geri in Anchorage

  2. Pretty sweater designs but Mork really stands out. So does Cinnamon. Both make me wish I could knit well enough to do something like that.

  3. I think that you will find that your ‘skinny’ tree will work great for you. A couple years ago we got one because we have so little room for a tree…..and we love it!!! It doesn’t hold all of my collection of ornaments. But we decided to do something different and did a blue and silver tree and we love it!! And if we want to do something different it won’t cost much to completely change it up—we will be giving the collection to the kids early! Enjoy!!! Merry Christmas!!

    • I like the fact that it doesn’t take up much room and will be much more simple to store but if it won’t hold my ornament collection, then I won’t be liking it so much. LOL But since it’s not really as nicely full as my last tree was, the open areas will actually fill in with ornaments so I think it will work.

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