What has 40 pieces….

and those 40 pieces all measure about 1″ x 2″ and  leaves you with is pile when you are done….

DSCN3971  And that pile has more fabric than in the finished item……


You get a finished Christmas gift!

DSCN3973 I bought some kits at Wisconsin Quilt Expo at least two years ago – I was going to use them as Christmas gifts the year I bought them and never got around to making them. I think I gifted one to a quilting friend so she could make her own.

Forty little pieces of fabric to paper piece just was not something I was looking forward to but this was not bad at all.

The pineapple block is a 3″ x 3″ finished block and the lovely double matting was part of the kit.  The frames I think I actually  bought the following year.   But finally I’ve got one of them all put together.

Now I just have one more to do – that one has red and cream matting.

So I didn’t get the rest of the outer borders added to the wedding quilt because I switched gears to work on this but tomorrow is another day.  But it as nice to spend most of the day in the sewing room accomplishing something.

Now I think it’s time to get comfy in the living room  and start knitting on my sleeves that I wound the yarn for early this morning — it seems a long time ago that I did that. 🙂


Mail surprises

I was contemplating going to the grocery store this afternoon and stopped sewing to go look outside — nope, the fog has turned to more fog and it was drizzling so not waiting for a bus in that today. But I did spy a box the mailperson had left outside my door in the drizzle.

DSCN3969Not a great photo but there’s the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks mug for the 10th anniversary issue – it has a little 10th anniversary banner on the other side but my photo turned out even more blurry of that.  There’s my block – bottom row, corner.  I now have a nice rounded set of six mugs which fills my mug tree.


I’m happy to report – I had enough of all fabrics to cut all the borders I wanted.  The floating border is attached all the way around (have I mentioned how much I hate sewing on long plain borders?  I think that’s why lately my quilts have pieced borders – don’t mind those).

DSCN3966And as you can see, I have one section of the taupe and blue outer border joined to one side.  I just need to cut the section for the right side to length and then can get that added too.  I just might get these borders all  on before I quit stitching for today.

Especially since now that I’m not going to the grocery store, I think I’ll just order delivery from somewhere for dinner so don’t have to worry about making something.


The perfect finish

border AHA! I figured out the ending for the wedding quilt — and hopefully I have enough fabric left to do it.

The original pattern doesn’t have any borders.

Here I add the first background border to float the design and then where the purple is – that will be the taupey tan I used to frame the large blocks and will mimic the framing shape of the inner blocks.  The a final blue/gold print border fabric.  The perfect finish to it.

Now I just have to check the length of the border pieces in EQ and see if I have enough of my background and taupe fabric to do it.  Finally to some cutting and sewing.

Foggy Saturday

It has been a foggy week most of this week and today is no exception.  I can barely see the top of the hill outside my door.  A good day to stay inside and knit? or quilt? or decorate the Christmas tree?

I actually did take the tree out of the box last night.  It’s definitely skinny – hopefully still enough tree to hold my many ornaments.  I haven’t done the “fluffing” of the branches yet but I do like the fact that it will fit about anywhere.

As for knitting today – I’ll save that for later tho I did finally finish off the fronts of my CustomFit Featherweight Cardigan.  So just finished winding another cake of yarn so I can start on the sleeves.  I’m a little concerned that I’ll be really close on yarn since it has a wide edging on the sweater fronts (I made some changes to the pattern after I started which used more yarn) so I may have to order another hank just to be sure since I know its in stock and hope Cascade colors don’t vary much from batch to batch.

Quilting – that’s what I hope to get started on first (since I’m ignoring the cleaning in the living room that should occur).   Need to cut some borders and get them on the wedding quilt.

And speaking of the wedding quilt, the pattern I used (tho I didn’t add the applique to mine – shocker, I know, but I liked the fabrics just as they were) is now available for download at hoffmanfabrics.com.    It’s called Kotori Fans.


This morning I’m really wishing there was a restaurant nearby that delivered breakfast!  But guess I’ll have to wander into the kitchen and find something myself.  I’m thinking perhaps as a tasty treat some cinnamon raisin biscuits.

Then I can ponder my dilemma — I’m trying to decide what sweater I want to start once my Featherweight is done (yep planning ahead).     It will be a CustomFit version of whatever sweater I make and incorporate the lacy or other stitch pattern used in the original sweater.

I’m thinking about  Oceanna Cardigan

or Ivar

or Unbalanced

or Mork

or Pecten

or Cinnamon  (which I love in that cinnamon color)

okay – after mentioning Cinnamon several times I really do need raisin cinnamon biscuits – off to the kitchen! 🙂