It’s nearly a finished quilt top…

DSCN3958  It’s been a busy day around here so far.   I now have all my rows stitched and sashing added between all the rows so now it’s just on to the borders.  Can I just say how much I hate adding thin sashing strips between rows and blocks – who designed this top anyway??? LOL

Now my dilemma is whether or not I add a skinny background border all around before I add my final border.  It really should have one to float the design however as I said – I hate adding those.  But actually the deciding factor will be my fabric since I’m not sure I have enough of the background to  add another strip all the way around.  Will have to do some measuring and figuring and then do some more with the border fabric I got to figure out how wide a border I will add.

I do like the way this one has come together – especially considering it has all come from the stash with the exception of the final border fabric I got from Hoffman California Fabrics which will go so well.

And as I was sewing I remembered where I had put the flash drive that had the last major backup of all EQ files on it — I knew that’s where I’d find Santa Paws and I was right.

santapawsSo for all you Dog Pound Pal BOM participants, I’ll be loading this pattern up to the DPPAS page as a bonus pattern.  You could place him on the back of your quilt, make a pillow or little holiday wall hanging – whatever you like.   I’ll do another blog post the day I make it available  so you know to go collect it.  It will be available for download until the DPPAS project is completed.

I was also working with an old EQ design that I may turn into a tree skirt for my new Christmas tree — tho I don’t think it will be done for this year.  The tree is still in the box but one night this week or next weekend I’ll pull it out.  I’ve got some other sewing projects I want to concentrate on so the treeskirt will probably wait  and I’m not sure this is the final design I want to use — still mulling over some other ideas for different shapes.

christmastreeskirt I actually do have the fabrics shown in this EQ image in my stash but not sure that I have enough since I think they are mostly FQs – the finished size of this is about 30″” square if I remember right so I might be able to eek out enough if I decide to use it.

In addition to that – just stuck a little pan of apple crisp in the oven to bake – last of the apples from my Aunt’s apple trees.  And also started a loaf of krusty quickie rise bread so hopefully there will be some krusty bread to go with my spaghetti tonight.

But time to start some mushrooms sautéing so I can get my sauce simmering and toss in a load of laundry before I go back to contemplating quilt borders.


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  1. Wow you make me tired reading all your things that you’ve been up to. I am on vacation in Colonial Williamsburg and we had a wonderful day. Been working on my binding for my 2nd King size quilt I am making for Christmas. Wish I had your crusty bread recipe, is there any way I can look it up? Your quilt turned out beautiful and I know you will figure out the borders. I forgot to tell you that I was so thrilled when I happened upon the Quiltmaker’s 100 block and found your Skating on thin ice pattern. Yippee! I had never seen that magazine. There wasn’t a card in it for a subscription, was wondering if is available by subscription. Have been to busy to check it out.. Happy quilting and enjoy your spaghetti and crusty bread sounds delicious! 😊🍝

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    • The crusty bread recipe is: find Krusteaz artisan bread mix on sale because your store is closing out that product, pick up several for 50 cents a box, and follow the package directions 🙂 Not as good as regular home made bread I’ve made but for a quick hot bread fix in an hour’s time or less – it’s not bad. Next time I’ll let it do the longer rise time and see how that is. Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks are special issues so not available thru subscription – you have to watch for them at stores, bookstores, or order the issues on line when new issues come out.

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