Moda Piece and Comfort Challenge

Have you heard of the Moda Piece and Comfort Challenge?  I hadn’t until that terrible enabler owner at The Loopy Ewe  — Sheri –I mean, well  SHE knows who she is  without having to mention her name her (Sheri Sheri Sheri – it’s all her fault!) — talked about it here in a blog post.   Now she really didn’t write in her blog post “Denise you must do this” but that’s pretty much how it read in my head.    LOL   And when I looked at the Because of the Brave fabric collection I immediately thought of an EQ quilt  design  that I was drawing up several months ago that these fabrics would be perfect for.  Nothing fancy but, in my head (yes many things are always reeling around in my head – it’s a bit scary in here), that design  will  look great in these fabrics. 😉  Even more reason I needed to do this challenge.  And you know I’m always up for a good challenge anyway — helps to get those projects finished if there’s actually a true deadline.    One of my  LQSs is also participating but they have the other line of fabric you can use for the challenge, not the one I want to use.  So I’ve been doing a bit of planning.

Here’s what I’m thinking I will be using.  I love the burlap looking texture of the solid fabrics.

becauseofthebrave I think I’ve got it narrowed down to these nine fabrics….. maybe…..but I’ll think on it a bit longer.


Now that I’ve spent a better part of a day playing in EQ, and  even more time searching for an EQ file I have not been able to locate…..could have something to do with the not so clear way I label those files…I may need to start putting up signs on street corners that say “have you seen this dog???”san Santa Paws has disappeared and I wanted him for something.  He should be saved with my other Dog Pound Pals but I’ve checked files, memory sticks, etc. and haven’t found him yet.  The amount of time I spent searching I probably could have redrawn him.  But I’ve now decided to move on to some knitting before the whole day gets away from me and I’ve really accomplished  nothing. I’ll find that dog block later.

On a high note – my computer printer cord I had rolled over or stepped on and bent when I was cleaning the sewing room last weekend — with my trusty butter knife I was able to bend it back out so it looked right and lo and behold – it connected so I was able to print out a cowl pattern I decided today I needed to make as a gift for a friend.  And after a minimum of searching – found the yarn I wanted to use.


Malabrigo Mecha – a bulky yarn so the cowl should knit up fairly quickly – and the color is Chuy. the blues show up more in the flash when I’m looking at it myself so it will be interesting to see how it looks knit up.